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Alejandra: Hi friend, my name is Alejandra

nayeli: hello alejandra my name is nayeli

alejandra: forgive me I know we do not know each other but I would like us to start talking to you I'll ask you if it does not bother you

nayeli: well, of course, if I would like us to know each other

Alejandra: Good and tell me how are you Nayeli

nayeli: me excellent alejandra and you tell me how are you

Alejandra: I like it and then very well and tell me where you live

nayeli: I live in Monterrey and where you live

Alejandra: I live in Saltillo

Nayeli: Look, it's not far away. It's been 1h. I've been told a lot about there.

Alejandra: Well, when you can, I'll show you some nice parts.

nayeli: if I would love it very much

Alejandra: If you just notify me to go to the airport for you

nayeli: if I stayed you until then I have a lot of things to do, it gave me great pleasure to talk with you, take care of yourself and greetings

Alejandra: If it's alright anyway bye


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